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We are Kite, your go-anywhere glow-up, at your fingertips


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We are Kite, your go-anywhere glow-up, at your fingertips

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Welcome to Convenient Beauty

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At Kite, we want to bring you back to the carefree childhood delight of the toy, through products that help you travel light, be playful, and put a smile on your face each time you use them.

Kite is dedicated to making the lives easier of busy people everywhere – to the tired moms, the stressed students, the weekend warriors, the boss bitches, and everyone in between.

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inclusivity goals


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We know we don’t have enough shades yet. To be 100% transparent, as a small, independent startup, we just can’t afford to produce the same range of shades as big brands.

However, as a minority-founded business, we understand how important it is to be 100% inclusive with our shades, so as we grow, our top priority is for our shade range to grow as well.

Sustainability Goals

Keeping It Neutral

Kite Sustainability Goals

We ❤️ the earth, and want to ensure any contribution we make to the world is net positive.

Even at our stage of early development, we have made conscientious decisions to choose more sustainable packaging, ensuring responsibly sourced and recyclable paper and plastic. But we know that isn’t enough – our goal is to be plastic neutral at scale.

We have two easy ways to recycle your used Kite pods: 1) send back your empty Kite pods to us free of charge, and we will recycle it for you, or 2) while small plastic pieces don’t get recycled, there is an easy hack - take any plastic bottle in your bin, drop the Kite pods in the bottle and close the lid. We are made with the same plastic as these bottles, so your pods can hitch a ride to a standard recycling plant!

Meet the founder

hi! i'm nina

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I’m always late. No matter how much time I allot, I always find myself running to the train, makeup half-done, sweaty and out of breath. This was a huge issue when I worked in a high-pressure corporate job, as I was expected to look "put-together" all the time. But looking "put-together" was EFFORT– if I wanted to touch up my makeup before a big meeting or a night out, I had to bring my messy, bulky, heavy makeup bag with me allllllllll day.

Kite sprung from my own acute need for a more convenient solution, and the firm belief that we should all be able to look and feel our best, 100% of the time, with 0% of the hassle. What started as an idea has evolved over 3 years of development, involving 100s of prototypes, tests, and decisions that have culminated in my first baby: Kite On the Glow Concealer. I'm always here for you, so drop me a line at with any thoughts, feedback, or just to say hello!