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What Kinds Of Makeup Packaging Can Be Recycled?

Let’s talk about recycling plastic, specifically the plastic packaging used in beauty products. We all know that plastic is a common material when it comes to packaging, but did you know that not all plastic is created equal when it comes to recycling? That's right, some types of plastic are actually recyclable, while others are not.

So, what types of plastic are actually recyclable? One of the most common recyclable plastics is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). You know those plastic water bottles you see everywhere? That's PET. This type of plastic is widely accepted for recycling, and can be found in a lot of beauty packaging, including our Kite Beauty On The Glow Concealer! Our packaging is made of PPET plastic, which is a combination of PET and polypropylene (PP), making the material more durable but still recyclable. When you’re done with your Kite concealer, you can easily put the PPET pod into an empty plastic bottle to hitch a ride to the nearest recycling plant.

Not only is our packaging recyclable, we also offer a free recycling program for our customers. You can send your used Kite Beauty On The Glow Concealer packaging back to us, and we'll make sure it gets recycled properly. No more wondering if your plastic is actually getting recycled or just ending up in a landfill.

Traditional concealer and foundation packaging is often made of multiple components, such as a combination of glass, plastic, and metal. These types of packages are a nightmare for recycling facilities, and often end up being thrown away. At Kite Beauty, we like to keep it simple. Our packaging is 100% plastic, making it easy to recycle. No need to take apart multiple materials, just toss it in the recycling bin or send it back to us.